Suddenly they were there, the little offspring of my Banggai cardinalfish ;-)

I did not really expect it, as they both ate only very short-tempered, yet the male kept diet for about 5 weeks and hatched the little ones in the mouth.
The parent animals

The parent animals were a young offspring couple, who made the first attempts at breeding with me. The first two times the male swallowed the brood, then he succeeded.

Kaud1 Kaud2 Kaud3

Kaud4 Kaud5 Kaud6

Kaud7 Kaud8 Kaud9

thumb Kaud10

Week 1

The 11 little Kauderni (9 in a Breeding Box plus 2 piled into the Nano) are fed with freshly hatched INVE-AF430 nauplii. I feed 3-4 times a day in small portions.

Kaud9 Kaud9 Kaud9


Instead of a sea urchin dummy, the little Kauderni in the aquarium had chosen a piece of Erythroglossum laciniatum as a shelter. The algae has moved into the Breedingbox.

In the video is a small Hüpferling to see, with this Kauderni something is not right. The cause of this behavior is not yet clear, it could be due to an incorrectly filled swimming bladder.
Week 2

With food, everything stays the same, Artemia nauplii ...

Kaud9 Kaud9 Kaud9

The condition of the little hoppers has not improved much yet.

Kaud9 Kaud9
Linkes Bild: Der "normale" kleine Kauderni, das Bäuchlein ist auch vor dem Frühstück schön rund.
rechtes Bild: Der kleine Hüpferling ist insgesamt schlanker und entwickelt sich jetzt erkennbar langsamer.

Week 3

Today the little Kauderni made the 2nd week plus x days. There are still 11 pieces.

Kaud9 Kaud9

4th week

After 3 weeks in the Breedingbox it became too tight in there and the 9 small ones were released into the width of the 50-liter Nanos.

In addition, they are now switched to frozen food. It still does not sound sooo good, but that will be


5th week

You are now 4 weeks old. The conversion to frozen food has worked. I use different varieties as a mix, including Brachionus plicatilis, copepods and Bosmiden, the mix is ​​then enriched with Calanus Enrichment Uptake System. This is a very good to dose spray.

The little Kauderni are curious, they are now spread throughout the basin.

They are also used to shrimp, my two prawns are crazy fun to swim right through the swarm. At first it took a while to get used to the Cheers, but they got used to it.

Kaud22 Kaud23 Kaud24 Kaud25

4 days later you can see the first white spots on the fins.

Kaud26 Kaud27 Kaud28Kaud29

6th week

The little Hüpferling has died :-( You should have no chance of survival ...


The other 10 is fine, they form 2 teams of 3 and 2 couples.

Kaud30 Kaud31 Kaud32Kaud33

7th week

Kaud34 Kaud35 Kaud36

The little ones are really quietschlebendig and eaten. After Lobstereggs are nowhere to be found, I bought Krebseier, on the drive off totally.

The little yawns or turn on and off the turbo ...

Kaud37 Kaud38 Kaud39

Kaud40 Kaud41 Kaud42

4 months

They keep on growing ... Soon they are moving out.


Kaud43 Kaud44 Kaud45

5 months

Last photos before the excerpt, the 5th has remained, he has a deformity on the gill cover.


All 5 in a photo, without it came to beating, that had rarity value.
The two gold-colored Kauderni are dyed as normal, that was just the sunlight that shone on the aquarium ;-)

Kaud47 Kaud48 Kaud49

Kaud50 Kaud51 Kaud52

9 Monate

Der kleine Kauderni hat dem mißgebildeten Kiemendeckel recht wenig Probleme. Er entwickelt sich weiterhin gut.

Kaud54 Kaud55 Kaud56 Kaud57

Text and pictures: Steffi Müller

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